The Old Ladies

Back when we lived in an apartment some 6 years ago, I purchased a tiny little mini rose to set on the back porch. When we moved into our house I put it into the ground. The first year it did fairly well, but ever since then it went down hill. This past summer I dug it up and put it in a pot. I must say, it loves living in the pot. It hasn’t had this many buds in a long time.

Got this one after Stephanie’s grandmother died in April 2010. It struggled the first year, but has been a beauty ever since.

Ashleigh’s rose. We planted this one after the passing of over daughter in May 2010. Massive blooms. I’ve wanted to move this one to a different location, but it has always been prolific in putting out new flowers where it is that I just left.

This is another mini rose that I got for Stephanie for Valentine’s Day last year. It’s a win-win for both of us. After the holiday, I got to plant it. This sits next to the other mini rose.

Planted this one back in January. Still pretty small, but there is a bud on it. So there’s that…

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