Note to self – Watch what falls in the sink

I left a coffee cup in the sink to soak overnight as a penny had stuck to the bottom (don’t ask.) I obviously had forgot about it and rinsed the cup out and finished doing the rest of the dishes. Turning on the disposal, it ran for a few seconds until it bound up. WTF? All I put done the sink were onion scraps. After sticking my hand down inside and not finding anything, it was time to take it off and tear it apart.

Yes sir, it was a penny that got stuck in the disposal. And look, the onion scraps that were in too. This thing stunk to high heaven! Put it back together and it was time to try it out again.

Don’t turn the water on just yet!

Everything is hooked back up and it works like a charm. Though, don’t do what I did and forget to hook the hose from the dishwasher back up. I missed it and ran the dishwasher. Three towels later, I cleaned up the pool of water under the sink.


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