Family vacation came and went

Just as fast as the trout were caught, filleted, and cooked.

We travelled up to South Dakota. The Black Hills. We loved it so much on our two week road trip last year we made it our family vacation for 2016. 

We did some stuff on the way up, like visit Carhenge.

We fished a lot once we got there. Zoe caught a keeper. 

We stayed in a tiny cabin in Custer State Park. The area is rich in history from Native Americans, to Badger Clark. 

We were able to explore a little bit more of the area this year. Bismark lake in the Black Hills National Forest was dang near empty when we showed up. One car in the parking lot besides ours. We fished here for a bit and caught two keepers before turning our sights to swimming and hiking around.

Our last full day in South Dakota we stumbled upon Wind Cave National Park. It was around 11:45 when we arrived and the next cave tour wasnt until 2:00. We didn’t expect to be out exploring past lunch and the near town was 10 miles out. A bit bummed when walked around the visitor center and headed back to the car. For some reason, the peanut butter and jelly was left in the car from a few days ago. In that same basket was our bread. We immediately walked back inside and signed up for that tour before it sold out. Finding a shade tree, we took a long lunch before making our way to the tour start. I must say, it was pretty cool. 

On our way back we stopped by one of the creepiest paces I’ve been too in a long time. The geographical center of the lower 48 states. 

Happy 4th!

Its the fourth of July, 2016. Its also the first post on here in God knows how long.

I aint gonna lie, I’m not really into this blogging thing as much as I used to be, but maybe I’ll try and update this more.

Meh. We’ll see.